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What is Your Body’s Way with Food & Fitness?

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  • Life-Long Functional Fitness
  • Reduced Stress around Food & Fitness choices
  • Fun and Economy with Real Food

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Your Body’s Way With Food: What foods are your body’s best partners? What doesn’t work so well? What would help you feel better? Learn how to align with foods that suit you, enjoy whole food planning, and preparation, for your best health, happy kitchen, and simpler economy.  
Your Best Functional Fitness:
Aligning, building, and sustaining your functional fitness, and posture is critical so that you can move and do what you want to do. That takes awareness (what I like to call a-where-ness) and paying attention. 

Movement matters: build flexibility, agility, mobility, strength, and stability, for your whole life with a-where-ness based physical and mental fitness through Nia classes, training materials, small group, and private sessions.  

Build your immune system and create a solid nutritional foundation with simple support from sensible supplements that regenerate and build strong cells, nurture your insides and outsides to look and feel your best with Jeunesse.

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“Marcia’s classes are inspiring and supportive. I am comfortable trying things I would never have expected to achieve. And my body is learning, my mind feels more agile, and we have such fun!” – Donna C.

“Wow, and hooray for Nia, for this wonderful music, and for finding my way to move that feels good to my body. Marcia’s teaching has helped me discover new ways that work for me. I am stronger, and quicker, and much more stable. I feel safer getting around, going, and doing! – Janice S


The dreaded hump…in your neck


Are you noticing a forward tendency in your spine? Do you sit in front of a computer and slouch your shoulders everyday? Have you looked at your posture from the side lately?

Did your parents end up with stooped shoulders or perhaps a severe forward neck and head position that got progressively worse over time? It’s a scary and unhealthy scenario for our bodies…on so many levels.

And it is possible to counteract. Yes!

It requires awareness, persistence, and the right activations for your spinal nervous system. Hurray for awareness! Follow along.

As described…your system needs continuous reminding of the new patterning, so repeat this quick three step series three times, twice a day, for 30 days.

Back body all against the wall…back of your neck and skull staying back, and then chin stays down. Use a small pillow if your alignment is already limited and head isn’t touching. 

1) 45 degree start for flapping 10X
2) cover your ears (hear no…) 10X
3) climb the rope ladder  10X

Remember to keep your chin down and back…to maintain the length in the spine along the wall. Do the cycle three times. Twice a day. Consistent actions bring permanent change.

Let me know what you experience with this practice!


Sitting at Your Ease – Lessons from Your Younger Self

Adorableness…what’s better than babies and dogs being cute together?

I was immediately drawn to the baby’s organic movement and natural ease in her own space, and sharing connection and space with her friend. Continue reading

Lift up Look up Breathe up

This beautiful video of baby Liv is a marvelous expression of what our human form is so well designed to explore and do for, and with us.

In my movement fitness classes I often encourage exploration of horizontal energy and spinal alignment moving into vertical through the 5 Stages (of Human Development) practice (or pieces from it), all the while maintaining the greatest ease and awareness. Baby Liv is an especially elegant practitioner of the 5 Stages, being so delighted with her new skills.

Because she is directly relating to her environment through physical sensation, and gathering information about what works better, and what does not so well through noticing/observation and experience, there is no editorial opinion about whether or not it is “good” or otherwise. It’s what she’s designed to do. It’s the Body’s Way.

When we move from laying prone, forehead resting on floor or hands, place our palm spread hands beneath our shoulders and press to raise our core skyward, we can also experience that sensation of “it’s what our bodies are made to do”, yet often it is also discovering a new perspective, a new view for some. An enlightening view and expression for most.

When we lift up, look up, and breathe upward, we are able to sense elongation in the spine and a teaser of possibility for the vertical plane that awaits us. Looking consciously is powerful - watching as the body moves, and seeing further with the eyes enhances body awareness (“where am I in my environment?”), and adds to potential energy expressed.

Teasing gravity, playing into the up of this cobra position/exploration (extended from tops of the feet past our hips on the floor and pressing up with hands, arms and shoulders – to a high level that is both comfortable and sustainable for a breath or two), we activate and strengthen our core (the entire spinal column – pelvis, chest and head), with particular awareness in the back body, while challenging arms, breath, and stability of our whole system.

Liv demonstrates the journey to increased flexibility, mobility, agility, strength, and stability, with ease and organization. Using the least possible force for the basics leaves us plenty of energy/power, should we need a burst of speed, and forceful punch, or strike.

Pushing the hips up from the floor…we arrive in an “all fours” crawling or table position. It’s one of the most important developmental stages for us, where the brain gets one of the best workouts. When we “cross-crawl”, with alternate hand and knee moving forward, we are actively exercising and developing new neural connections that cross the midline between the brain’s hemispheres.

In stillness, moving the spine up and down from that table allows the neck, head, belly, and breath to expand naturally and sequentially. Lift nose up, look up, breath up (both head and tail now)…and then down again, breathing out, belly/back arching high like a cat…we expand range of awareness and mobility.

Notice all of Liv’s variations and options.

Now…I invite you to get down on the floor, and explore them, too! Take your time, use a yoga mat, or blanket. Or do it on your bed for starters. The firmer surface of the floor (carpeted if you prefer) is actually easier to navigate. Start gently and VERY SLOWLY! Playing with gravity, down on the floor, is one of the best workouts!

And take a rest now and then, like Liv.

What do you sense? What’s feels new, different to you?

Post your comment below…or on Facebook!



Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? Find a Nia class!

NiaBoston (all of New England) community of teachers includes a wonderful diversity of styles and energies, with many class locations.

Here is a lovely introduction to Nia video created for Jenny Silverberg and Amy Podolsky, teachers/co-owners of StudioJoy in Northborough, with students and teachers from the area! Have a look (you’ll see me!)



Classic Nia classes with Marcia, as well as modified Nia movement fitness (for Active Older Adults) at the Foxborough Y each week. Find your safe, fun challenge!

And coming up…Move I.T. (Nia 52 Moves + Interval Training!) starting Wednesday, October 15, Medway Community Education Fall session series.

What can you add to your day to add joy, and fitness?

Move Differently

How to improve your brain and your body? Move them differently.

Learn something new, explore new movement sensations that allow you to experience something slightly outside your comfortable, familiar habits, or maybe something slightly “scary”…this is our path to vitality. The brain experiences a need to provide a new neural pathway, and it does. 

Get one-a-day.

Bingo…you have brain vitality and new physical skills under development. Go you!

Every Nia class brings freedom and form, good challenges, and joy, all together. What a great journey to health. Find Nia classes locally and Nia classes all around the world

How will you move differently…today? Comment below…share your intention, take action.

The Quantified Diet from Lift

mind and food and me

This is about why I joined The Quantified Diet study that Lift is running.


Food calls me…to find creative and health supporting things to make, and to satisfy cravings. I love to immerse myself in the concepts of food…the growing, gathering (shopping, gardening, storage), cooking/preparation, and eating, too. Recipes fascinate and distract me. I spent almost as much time reading cookbooks in the library stacks as in every other area, in total, during high school), and beyond some good basic instruction from my folks, I am a self-taught and intuitive cook, cultivating skills for more than 45 years. Food has a lot to say to me. Continue reading

Why Sitting Is Killing You + 9 Things You Can Do

Why Sitting Is Killing You + 9 Things You Can Do

WomanSittingWhiteChairAtDesk-850x400What are you doing to counteract the debilitating sedentary life of modern America? Here are simple and direct actions for you and your family to adapt and adopt for life long happy bodies. The answer is NEAT—nonexercise activity thermogenesis.

from MindBodyGreen.com BY DR. JORDAN D. METZL

“Sitting,” says Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic who has researched the dangers of a sedentary life for the last 15 years, “is the new smoking.” Levine’s studies have shown that sitting around—as many of us do for both work and pleasure—is bad for your health. Spending more than just 6 hours a day on your backside drives up blood pressure and places you at a greater risk for diabetes, obesity, depression, and some types of cancer. People who already have chronic illnesses see an increase in their symptoms. And that’s just for starters. Continue reading