Are you over 50, and a bit fearful
– of feeling forgetful
– catching every cold, and worse
– of falling, and getting hurt, or stuck?

Learn how you can have…
– a sharper memory
– a healthier immune system
– cat-like agility

Get Your Dance of Health Tips for Easy Fitness & Simple Nutrition

YOUR Fearless Life. 

Movement Matters: build mobility for life practicing awareness-based fitness through Nia classes, training materials, and private sessions.

emma Nutrition & Economic Security: 
Simple, Convenient, and Complete






What next step to your fear free life? Get Your Guide below.

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Are You Ready?

Are You Ready? Find a Nia class!

NiaBoston (all of New England) community of teachers includes a wonderful diversity of styles and energies, with many class locations.

Here is a lovely introduction to Nia video created for Jenny Silverberg and Amy Podolsky, teachers/co-owners of StudioJoy in Northborough, with students and teachers from the area! Have a look (you’ll see me!)



Classic Nia classes with Marcia, as well as modified Nia movement fitness (for Active Older Adults) at the Foxborough Y each week. Find your safe challenge!

And NEW….Move I.T. (Nia Moves + Interval Training!) starting April 9th, Medway Community Education Spring session series.

What can you add to your day to add joy, and fitness?

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Move Differently

How to improve your brain and your body? Move them differently.

Learn something new, explore new movement sensations that allow you to experience something slightly outside your comfortable, familiar habits, or maybe something slightly “scary”…this is our path to vitality. The brain experiences a need to provide a new neural pathway, and it does. 

Get one-a-day.

Bingo…you have brain vitality and new physical skills under development. Go you!

Every Nia class brings freedom and form, good challenges, and joy, all together. What a great journey to health. Find Nia classes locally and Nia classes all around the world

How will you move differently…today? Comment below…share your intention, take action.

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The Quantified Diet from Lift

mind and food and me

This is about why I joined The Quantified Diet study that Lift is running.


Food calls me…to find creative and health supporting things to make, and to satisfy cravings. I love to immerse myself in the concepts of food…the growing, gathering (shopping, gardening, storage), cooking/preparation, and eating, too. Recipes fascinate and distract me. I spent almost as much time reading cookbooks in the library stacks as in every other area, in total, during high school), and beyond some good basic instruction from my folks, I am a self-taught and intuitive cook, cultivating skills for more than 45 years. Food has a lot to say to me. Continue reading

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Why Sitting Is Killing You + 9 Things You Can Do

Why Sitting Is Killing You + 9 Things You Can Do

WomanSittingWhiteChairAtDesk-850x400What are you doing to counteract the debilitating sedentary life of modern America? Here are simple and direct actions for you and your family to adapt and adopt for life long happy bodies. The answer is NEAT—nonexercise activity thermogenesis.


“Sitting,” says Dr. James Levine, an endocrinologist at the Mayo Clinic who has researched the dangers of a sedentary life for the last 15 years, “is the new smoking.” Levine’s studies have shown that sitting around—as many of us do for both work and pleasure—is bad for your health. Spending more than just 6 hours a day on your backside drives up blood pressure and places you at a greater risk for diabetes, obesity, depression, and some types of cancer. People who already have chronic illnesses see an increase in their symptoms. And that’s just for starters. Continue reading

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Inspired, thrilled, and moved to tears reading Dr. Daphne Miller’s Farmacology. Thrilled that she is working with folks from all around this conversation of farm(er) ecology and medical ecology to connect more of the dots.  I was deeply moved by stories of personal transformation through deeper connection to understanding and supporting our own bodies, to place, to food, and to the earth/soil in which all is grown.Farmacology tree

The human body’s systems are remarkable in a carefully calibrated, nuanced for interaction and restoration. To ignore, neglect or interfere with the nurture flow can quickly move it towards dwindling resources, to longterm catastrophic breakdowns, though the outward symptoms may be slow to be revealed or aggravate. There is little that doctors are trained to seek about the whole patient’s function and fulfillment in their in addressing the effects and symptoms that bring a patient to their office. Dr. Miller was unsatisfied with this pattern repeating in too many patients. She sought new understanding and solutions. Continue reading

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Quieting the Mind

Inspiration and opportunity come in many forms, and our “job” is to notice. And, we need to be open to receiving the hint. Many opportunities and insights appear as subtle yet persistent nudges and nigglings.
Being ready to receive this intuitive information is one important benefit of quieting the mind, as a practice, a habit, as a choice.

I often teach about how mind/body movement such as with awareness building Nia, creates new neural connections and brain (as well as body) health, and that learning something (anything!) new keeps our brains vital. Quiet mind practice enhances the brain in another related and important direction.
Continue reading

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BENew – Saves Lives

Visceral fat is a killer.
What do you know about this insidious, scary issue?
Even thin, apparently healthy people can (usually do) have it, and its silent threat is growing.

Take action to release the fat and gain lean muscle. Join me on my BENew Journey 

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BENew Journey: 90-day Challenge Success

Just a little excited over here…

Have completed the first of my 90-day Challenges with BENew – Weight Loss and Nutrition System, the weight management program from Life Force International. My pictures are below…

I am making my 20 year dream REALLY come true: regaining my lean, strong, and healthiest self. I feel as if I am “shrinking from the inside out”. I love feeling lighter, and everything I am doing feels better, being leaner. The BELean is the most important of the 3 BENew components: this natural, food-based metabolism stimulator/craving management has changed how I feel in my body, and my relationship with cravings and meals.

Inches reduced, rather than pounds…have been the MOST remarkable: 5 inches from my waist,
2 inches from around my hips, and 2 inches from each thigh: 11 inches total, so far. Goodbye to visceral (internal) fat, and Hello lean muscle. Muscle is 4X heavier/denser than fat, so it’s a healthy weight trade-off.

I am not done yet…and SO pleased so far. I have belief now, in my ability to use this supportive combination of nutrients, an inspiring meal plan with recipes from Mitzi Dulan, RD, and energy to carry me … staying on the path to the best body for the rest of my healthiest life!

Who do you know who wants to look and feel their best, and who, like me, will benefit with the boost of the best nutritional support?

Join this BENew journey with me…and let’s help those you know and love…our path to healthy and lean, ALL LIFE LONG!

I would love to connect with you…or people you can refer. Let’s help make changes happen!

What change is first for you? 

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Agility Exercises & Activities Prevent Falling

How is your Agility?

FAMSS – these are the five skills that Nia energizes, and that support our life long healthy ability and function: Flexibility, Agility, Mobility, Stability and Strength. All Nia classes will challenge and support your increased ability in each of these areas, working in your body’s way, and at your level.

How are you doing in these areas?

In a recent newsletter from Daily Health News from Bottomline Publications, th
ere is yet more confirmation about the benefits of increased Agility for your body, and some suggestions and methods to bring improvement, from research conducted at the University of Arkansas by Michelle Gray, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology, department of health, human performance and recreation.

Agility Exercises That Prevent Falling

Agility, meaning the ability to quickly change speed and/or direction, decreases with age. That, in turn, increases the odds of falling—for instance, when someone darts out in front of you unexpectedly—setting the stage for the bone fractures that can rob you of your mobility, your independence and even your life.

Self-defense: Safeguard your agility with an easy and fun workout that you can do at home using an inexpensive type of exercise equipment called agility cones. And if you think you’re too young or too fit to benefit from agility cones, think again. Pro football players do versions of this workout all the time—and they know what works!

Agility cones look like those orange traffic cones you see on the highway, but smaller. They are typically six to 12 inches high and can be purchased at sporting-goods stores or online for as little as $2 apiece. You’ll need four cones—but if you want to give this agility workout a try right now, you can start out by using overturned plastic drinking cups or empty plastic jugs. Then if you like the workout and want to stick with it, go ahead and invest a few dollars in the cones—with their bright color and stabilizing base, they’ll be easier to see and less likely to topple than a cup or jug.

The workout below was suggested by Michelle Gray, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology at the University of Arkansas. The movements promote agility because they require the vestibular (balance) system of the inner ear to work in concert with the muscular systems, especially the very fast-twitch “type IIx” muscle fibers that allow you to move suddenly, Dr. Gray explained.

Do the following workout at least twice a week. Use a long hallway or large room indoors…or go outdoors. Make sure that you’re on a surface free of any objects you could trip over. Throughout: Move as quickly as you can while still maintaining control—don’t push any faster than you can safely go. Try not to knock over any cones, since object avoidance is part of being agile. For each exercise, complete two or three sets, taking a brief rest between sets. If you have a history of falls: Stick with just the first easy exercise until your agility improves and you feel confident about moving on to the intermediate and advanced exercises…and check with your doctor each step of the way.

Easy: Up-and-Go. Setup: Place one agility cone eight feet in front of a sturdy chair. Sit in the chair. Move: Rise from your seated position, walk quickly to the cone, maneuver around it in a clockwise direction, return to the chair and sit back down. Repeat 10 to 15 times—that’s one set. For the next set, maneuver around the cone in a counterclockwise direction.

Intermediate: Weave In/Weave Out. Setup: Arrange four cones in a straight line, each about eight feet apart. Stand next to the first cone in the line. Move: Walking quickly, weave in a zigzag pattern between the cones. When you reach the last cone in the line, walk around it and return, again weaving between the cones, to your starting position. Repeat two or three times—that’s one set.

Advanced: Square Drill. Setup: Arrange four cones in a square, with each side of the square measuring 10 to 15 feet. Stand to the outside of any cone, with the cone next to your right foot (we’ll call this cone number one). Move: Facing forward and moving around the square clockwise, walk quickly toward the outside of cone number two. When you reach it, switch to a sideways walk or shuffle, moving to your right toward cone number three. When you reach it, turn your body and walk or shuffle sideways to your left toward cone number four. When you reach it, turn your body and carefully walk backwards toward cone number one. Repeat two or three times—that’s one set. For the next set, start with your left foot at the outside of cone number one and move around the square counterclockwise.

After you’ve mastered these moves: Work on safely increasing your speed…try the drills with one eye closed, then the other…get creative and invent your own agility exercises…or watch a football team practice to learn some new agility drills you can try.

Source: Daily Health News – Bottomline Publications
Michelle Gray, PhD, assistant professor of kinesiology, department of health, human performance and recreation, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville, and codirector, Office for Studies on Aging, College of Education and Health Professions, also at University of Arkansas.


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