Ageless Grace: experience cognitive enhancements now

…along with the physical improvements you seek with Ageless Grace

What are these cognitive improvements of which I speak? They are the magical-seeming  (but not actually magic) ability of our brains to regenerate and make new neural pathways and new neurons, and to perform better through movement of body with specific engagement of brain.

Challenge Your Brain
If someone asked you to play baseball, or do yoga, or perform a breast stroke while seated, chances are you would have to think about how to move your body to make this happen. When you have to figure out how to move your body in a new and different way, you are engaging your brain.

Core Strength
It is often easy to ‘cheat’ when standing up and performing an exercise. You can avoid using the parts of your body that aren’t strong by using muscles that are strong – but when you sit in a chair you must use your core muscles. A stronger core makes for a stronger and happier body!

Almost anyone can exercise in a chair. It really levels the playing field. Twisted your ankle? Just had surgery? Do you have limited mobility? Does regular exercise (standing up) make you dizzy? Just sit down and figure out how you can perform the same motions in a chair!

Exercise in chair? Practicing the Ageless Grace Tools for just eight to ten minutes a day will help the body function with optimal efficiency, and with comfort and ease throughout your life. It’s never too late to begin Ageless Grace, and it’s never too early to start!

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