Movement Your Body Is Seeking

Your body wants to move.

Welcome to Dance of Health, where we help you bring more movement into your life. You will learn to focus on, to pay attention to your movement and how your body works. We focus especially on the (new) awareness of how it feels (inside). With this new language of the body, what we call sensation awareness, you become attuned to a new way you are moving. You can make new choices, find new movement paths, and create new solutions. Feeling different than you may be used to, we guide you to seek a way that feels good to you.


Find the inspiration and guidance you seek through our classes and this site. Reach out for more specific support that we can provide through private sessions and movement coaching.

Why Nia? For healing, powerful mind, body, and soul medicine, and a really fun work-out (work-in?!) in YOUR body’s way.

Click the image and visit with the Nia Australia community for a taste of the journey calling to you!